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Creative MovementBalletBallet & TapBallet & JazzPomsJazzHip HopContemporaryLyrical*Tap*PointeTurns, Leaps & StretchingAdult Dance Fitness
Creative-MovementThis is a perfect class to introduce your child to dance. Explore movement through music, songs and props. This class will help children develop social skills, coordination and balance.


BalletThis class will introduce young dancers to basic ballet positions, steps and terminology. Children will enjoy dancing with classical music as well as popular children’s music.



Ballet-&-TapThis class will teach basic steps and terminology in both ballet and tap. Dancers will gain confidence with their movement as they explore the fluidity of ballet and the rhythmic nature of tap.












This class is a great way to stay fluent in ballet technique and enjoy the upbeat movement of jazz. Steps and terminology will be taught in ballet and jazz. Strength and flexibility will be worked on as well as exciting combinations of steps.





PomsThis class will focus on sharp, clean movements. Turns and jumps will be taught as dancers learn Pom combinations. Strength, flexibility and teamwork will be important elements of this class.













JazzThis class will include jazz isolations, movements across the floor, turns and leaps. This fast paced class will be fun and challenging for dancers who want to improve their skills and flexibility.








HIp-HopThis class will encourage students to bring their own style to the unique hip hop moves taught. Dancers will enjoy learning combinations to current music.









ContempThis class will explore expressive dance to many styles of music. Dancers will learn movements that use both ballet and modern elements.










LyricalThis class will teach dancers ballet steps and terminology while interpreting the emotion of the music. Turns, leaps and movements across the floor will be taught.











tapThis class will incorporate both rhythmic and tap fundamentals. Students will enjoy learning steps and then put them together in combinations.












pointe2newPrior ballet experience is required for this class. Students will learn positions and steps with pointe shoes. This class may be taken by students hoping to do pointe in the future because of its focus on strength and technique.
























LeapsThis class will focus on the most challenging areas of dance. The class will help each dancer identify proper technique to work on the steps that will improve their performance.















AdultThis is an adult class that provides an overall workout to improve strength, stamina and flexibility. Dance moves make the class interesting and fun however no dance experience is required.THIS CLASS IS ONLY OFFERED IN THE SUMMER.

*All students wanting to be part of our traveling dance company “Dancers in Motion” should take these classes.