2021-2022 Schedule

Fall Classes begin September 7th. 

Registration is now open.  No registration fee.  

Payment Options:

30 min. class:$8.75 or 8 classes for $68 / 45 min. class:$9.75 or 8 classes for $76 /60 min. class: $11 or 8 classes for $86

Class fee must be paid at registration. No class refunds. We accept cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.



4:15-5:00pm Hip Hop II Ages 9-12

4:20-5:05pm Ballet & Tap Ages 5-7

4:30-5:15pm Poms Ages 7-10

5:10-5:55pm Hip Hop II Age 9-12

5:15-6:00pm Contemp. IV Ages 13-16

5:20-6:05pm Ballet Funk Ages 7-10

6:05-6:50pm Ad. Pointe Ages 15-18

6:05-6:50pm Hip Hop  IV Ages 13-16

6:10-6:40pm Tap II Ages 11-14

6:50-7:35pm Contemp. II Ages 11-14

7:00-7:45pm Pointe IV Ages 13-17

7:05-7:35pm Ad. Tap Ages 15-18

7:50-8:35pm Hip Hop II Ages 11-14

7:50-8:35pm Ad. Hip Hop Ages 15-18

7:50-8:20pm Tap IV Ages 13-16








4:20-5:05pm Poms Ages 6-8

4:25-4:55pm Ballet Ages 3-5

4:30-5:15pm Jazz & Kick Ages 7-10

5:00-5:30pm Tap I Ages 8-11

5:05-5:50pm Ballet & Tap Ages 6-8

5:30-6:15pm Ballet & Tap Ages 4-6

5:30-6:15pm Lyrical I Ages 8-11

6:00–6:45pm Partnering Ages 11-18

   (You must sign up with a partner)

6:25-7:10pm Ad. Hip Hop Ages 15-18

6:30-7:15pm Hip Hop I Ages 8-11

6:50-7:35pm Jazz III Ages 11-15

7:15-8:15pm Barre for Adults            

7:35-8:20pm Ad. Jazz Ages 15-18

7:35-8:05pm Tap III Ages 11-15

8:25-9:10pm Ad. Contemp. Ages 15-18

8:15-9:00pm Lyrical III Ages 11-15





10:45-11:15am Ballet Ages 3-5

11:30-12:00pm Creative Movement Ages 2-4

12:15-1:00pm Ballet & Tap Ages 4-6

4:00-4:45pm Hip Hop I Ages 8-11

4:10-4:55pm Ballet & Jazz Ages 5-7

4:15-5:00pm Ballet Funk Ages 7-10

5:00-5:30pm Creative Movement Ages 2-4

5:05-5:50pm  Poms & Tricks Ages 7-10

5:15-5:45pm Ballet Ages 3-5

5:45-6:30pm Pointe I Ages 12-15

6:00-6:45pm Poms  Ages 5-7

6:00-6:45pm Lyrical II Ages 11-14

6:45-7:30pm Contemporary I Ages 10-13

6:50-7:35pm Contemporary III Ages 11-15

6:50-7:35pm Jazz IV Ages 13-16

7:40-8:25pm Hip Hop III Ages 11-15

7:40-8:25pm Lyrical IV Ages 13-16







4:10-4:55pm Boys Hip Hop Ages 5-12

4:25-5:10pm Poms & Tricks Ages 8-11

4:30-5:15pm Ballet & Tap Ages 4-6

5:00-5:30pm Creative Movement Ages 2-4

5:20-6:05pm Poms Ages 5-7

5:35-6:05pm Ballet Ages 3-5

5:15-6:00pm Ballet Funk Ages 8-11

6:10-6:55pm Hip Hop I  Ages 8-11

6:10-6:55pm Advanced Jazz Ages 15-18

6:10-6:40pm Advanced Tap Ages 15-18

7:00-7:45pm Hip Hop II  Ages 10-13

7:00-8:00pm Barre  Adults

7:00-7:45pm Advanced Lyrical Ages 15-18

8:00-8:45pm Advanced Poms Ages 13-17

8:00-8:45pm Lyrical II Ages 10-13

8:10-8:55pm Advanced Contemp. Ages 15-18






There are no dance classes scheduled for Friday’s. We want to make sure that all dancers still have free nights to spend with family, completing homework, or participating in other activities and events. However, we do offer private lessons.




7-9:00am Dancers in Motion Rehearsal (invite only)

8:00-9:00am Yoga Adults

9:15-10:15am Kids in Motion Rehearsal (invite only)

9:15-10:00am Ballet & Jazz Ages 5-7

9:30-10:00am Creative Movement Ages 2-4

10:15-11:00am Hip Hop Ages 6-8

10:30-11:00am Tap II Ages 10-13

11:15-12:00pm Jazz II Ages 10-13

11:15-11:45pm Ballet Ages 3-5






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