2021 Summer Schedule

Each class meets twice a week for a 6 week session Monday, June 21st—Thursday, July 29th

The Summer Showcase will be Friday, July 30th

Summer Session Pricing: $110 for 45min class/ $98 for 30min class

Payment by class option: $9.50 for 45min class/ $8.50 for 30min class/ $10 for YOGA or BARRE

Pre-registration required. No refunds.

Registration for classes opens April 5th.

Monday & Wednesday

11:00-11:30am Creative Movement ages 2-4 MON. AND/OR WED.

11:00-11:45am Ballet & Tap ages 5-7

11:00-11:45am Hip Hop ages 7-10

11:45-12:15pm Ballet ages 3-5

11:50-12:35pm Poms ages 5-7

11:50-12:35pm Poms ages 7-10

12:20-1:05pm  Ballet & Tap ages 4-6

12:45-1:30pm Hip Hop ages 10-13**

1:40-2:25pm Contemporary ages 10-13

2:15-3:00pm Poms & Tricks ages 7-10

2:30-3:15pm Lyrical ages 10-13**

2:30-3:15pm Jazz & Kick ages 6-8

3:10-3:55pm Hip Hop ages 8-11*

3:20-4:05pm Ballet Funk ages 6-8

3:15-4:00pm Contemporary ages 14 & up

4:00-4:45pm Hip Hop ages 14 & up

4:30-5:00pm Creative Movement ages 2-4

4:15-5:00pm Contemporary ages 10-13

4:50-5:20pm Ballet ages 3-5

4:55-5:25pm Tap ages 14 & up

5:30-6:15pm Ballet & Tap ages 4-6


5:25-6:10pm Lyrical 14 & up


6:15-7:15pm Energy Yoga Flow for adults WED. ONLY 


Tuesday & Thursday

4:15-5:00pm Ballet & Tap 4-6

4:15-4:45pm Ballet ages 3-5

5:10-5:55pm Ballet Jazz ages 5-7

4:50-5:20pm Creative Movement ages 2-4 TUES. AND/OR THURS.

5:25-6:10pm Poms & Tricks ages 7-10

6:10-6:55pm  Hip Hop ages 8-11*

6:15-7:15pm Barre  (adults only)

6:55-7:40pm Lyrical ages 8-11*

7:20-8:05pm Pointe ages 14& up

7:45-8:15pm Tap ages 10-13**

8:15-9:00pm Jazz ages 10-13**

8:15-9:00pm Jazz 14 & up


6:30-7:30am Energy Yoga Flow for adults 


*These classes can be taken in
preparation for Dancers in Motion.
**These classes may be taken in
preparation for Kids in Motion.

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