Fitness Classes


All classes are $10/class
8 classes for $78 or 16 classes for $150

When you purchase multiple classes you can try any of the FITNESS OR YOGA classes. 

Just like a punch card only we’ll keep track of it for you.  


Registration opens August 15th

Use the button below to register online


7:00-8:00am Sculpt with Sue  DROP INS WELCOME (bring your own two weights and mat) 

8:30-9:30pm Stability and Strength with Stephanie BEGINS SEPT. 9TH



3:15-3:45pm Stroller and Strength with Christine. (bring your own stroller and baby) BEGINS SEPT. 11th. This class will be held outside when weather permits. 


9:00-10:00am Boot Camp with Sue DROP INS WELCOME

7:00-8:00pm Adult Dance with Stephanie BEGINS SEPT. 12th 


Sculpt is a low impact exercise experience for all major muscle groups. Bring your choice of hand weights to help you reach your strength and toning goals. 10 minutes of core exercises and a 5 minute cool down complete the class for the full body challenge.

Stability and Strength:
Stability and Strength combines movement from Yoga and Pilates to help strengthen your core muscles and relax your mind. Listen to soothing music while focusing on balance and toning your body. Stroller and Strength:
Finding time for your own body is difficult with a baby. Here is an activity that will be fun for both mom and baby. Strengthen and tone your body with different moves incorporating your stroller and your baby. Remember how essential it is to take care of yourself.

Boot Camp:
Boot Camp encourages you to push yourself towards your personal best. Body weight and interval training allow you to get a good sweat going while incorporating military style exercises and functional movements, i.e. push ups, squats and sprints.

Adult Dance:
Adult Dance is exercises inspired by ballet, jazz and hip hop movement. Get an whole body workout and improve your flexibility while moving to the beat of the music. No dance experience needed. 

Sue Dawes

Sue Dawes

Fitness Instructor

Sue has over 16 years of experience as a fitness instructor. She is NETA group exercise certified and NETA certified personal trainer. She will teaching Sculpt and Boot Camp at Kay’s this summer. Don’t miss it!

Christine Dejewski

Christine Dejewski

Fitness Instructor

Christine is a soon to be mom of 4 girls.  She graduated from UW-Milwaukee with an elementary education degree and an English as a second language minor.  She began teaching group exercise in 2012 and she is so excited to be leading classes at Kay’s!  

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