New Location

715 Main Street

We are loving our FOREVER home. The new studio has 3 dance rooms, one upstairs and two on the main floor.   There is a large waiting room on the main floor and small waiting room upstairs.   2 bathrooms on the main floor and 2 bathrooms upstairs.   With lake views we will be taking advantage of the outdoor space.   A large wrap around porch will have seating available and outdoor yoga will be available this summer.   Parking is available in both the front and the back of the building.   There is a loop traffic pattern that will allow parents to have an easy drop off and pick up routine.   The entrance in on the left side of the building, enter one direction and exit the other direction, the right side. 

We are looking for a tenant for the space in the exposed basement.  We hope to have some type of food.  Please contact us for an inquiry.  

If you have any questions about the new facility please contact the studio.

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Our Address

715 Main Street
Mukwonago, WI 53149